I can 'crack' my own neck, why should I see a Chiropractor?

When people “crack” their own neck, often times they do feel a sense of relief. However, when performing this on yourself, and without training, you are often making it worse. Areas of the neck that are moving too much often create areas of muscle spasm to prevent extra movement. When you “crack” your own neck, you are most often moving these areas and getting instant relief, but ultimately increasing the muscle spasm in the area and decreasing the stability. This can also lead to an increased rate of degeneration of the area, or Arthritis. The doctors at East Avenue Chiropractic are highly trained to identify the areas of the spine that are working incorrectly and correct them using specific Chiropractic adjustments. With a course of care and a treatment plan customized for you specific to your condition, you will recover quickly and not feel the need to “crack” your neck on your own.